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Chicken From Hell’ Was a Fowl-Looking Dinosaur

Meet the “Chicken from Hell,” a recently identified bird-like dinosaur that roamed the Dakotas with T. rex 66 million years ago. The beaked dinosaur, Anzu wyliei, is described in the latest issue of the


Poll: People still seek meaty news on media buffet

Associated Press, WASHINGTON – A new study finds Americans of all ages are charting their own paths across a media landscape that no longer relies on front pages and evening newscasts to dictate what’s

Sunset at a lighthouse (photograph by Deb Nystrom)

Life After Lights-Out: Ten Adaptive Reuses for Lighthouses

They’re picturesque, they’re historic, they’re functional — they’re lighthouses. And in many places, thanks to changes in guidance technology like GPS units and sonar, they’re obsolete. Often when a lighthouse is decommissioned, it gets


Kim Kardashian Suffers “Wardrobe Malfunction.”

Kim Kardashian apparently hasn’t had enough drama for one week. After enduring a racist verbal attack by an 18-year-old man as she walked into a Beverly Hills office building, and having her fiancé Kanye


How Humans Went From Being One Shade to Many

Our primate ancestors that first lost most of their body hair were likely pale skinned, according to a new study that concludes our human forebears probably evolved darker skin later to safeguard against skin


Your Volvo Car Could Be Your Mailbox

Swedish auto maker Volvo said it was developing a system to enable online shopping deliveries direct to customers’ cars rather than their homes. The company said it had created a single-use digital key which


Dumb Facts About Sharks

Sharks are the vampire ninjas of the ocean. They are sleek! They are silent! They are deadly! Sharks make everything better. Tattoo of a shark on your chest? Cool. They called you “Shark” in


Why Don’t We Have a Monogamy App?

From The CUT – Valentine’s Day is a holiday built on fears, and it’s hard to say which is scarier: The idea that you might never find a “love of your life,” or the


Yes, Your Car Can Be Hacked!

Your car doesn’t look like a laptop, but if it has digitized features, then it’s really a computer. And if it’s a computer, it can be hacked. To that end, Spanish security researchers are

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